When people hear the word “Boudoir” there is always one of two reactions: they say, “what’s boo-bood-how do you say it?” or blush and instantly get awkward. Hey, it’s okay-We’ve been there too! Until we realized how awesome Boudoir Shoots can be!

So, let’s start off by explaining what exactly “Boudoir” means and why in the world you’d want Boudoir Photography. The definition of boudoir is: a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. Boudoir + Photography = A sexy, fun photo shoot!

So why in the world would anyone want Boudoir Photos? Our sessions produce great gifts for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Servicemen & Women overseas, and Post Engagement for your partner.

Boudoir isn’t just for the ladies either! Men are encouraged to book a session. How awesome would it be to see your partner’s jaw drop when they open up your photos?

{ What to expect } Upon booking your Boudoir Session we will help you with location, wardrobe and posing as well as a makeup artist and hair stylist for those who need it. Typically our sessions are set in your bedroom or home but we also offer outdoor locations and studio set ups.

We encourage you to get creative! Talk with us about our ideas, why you’re planning this shoot & what you plan to do with it. We’ll help you create your vision and drive out any insecurities you may have. We’re there to support you, make you look your best & have fun!

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